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Our goal as a Christian homeschool soccer program is to nurture our players in their development both as athletes and as people. We provide a strong and supportive environment, which encourages learning while building self-confidence and self-esteem and also providing an opportunity to play for a cooperative school team. We want our players to mature into adults who will enjoy full participation in the social and economic life of their community.



We help our soccer players grow and mature by giving them chances to acquire new skills, and encounter new challenges and work through both success and failure. Successes are praised while mistakes are corrected with discretion, patience and a positive attitude. Every player, regardless of skill level, is valued as a person and is considered a contributing member of the team. We conduct ourselves at practices and games to show respect for both the needs of the individual and the needs of the team.



Soccer is an influential tool for aiding players in learning vital life lessons. Soccer instills its participants with understanding about preparation, perseverance, and most importantly, teamwork. Engaging in healthy competition through soccer allows our players to learn these lessons.


Position on Competition

Competition is a natural part of life and soccer. Certainly, competition is a portion of what makes soccer enjoyable; however, an extreme craving to win can take the pleasure out of the game. Winning must never be more essential than good sportsmanship or fair play. With our mission to impart the values that children and young adults will need to prosper as adults, we will avoid instructing any practices which place winning over fair play.

Participating in healthy competition teaches players to increase their effort and focus without turning to foul play. Parents and coaches have an obligation to be personally dedicated to teaching our players, in word and action, the values that will enable them to become winners in life.


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We have a High School Varsity Soccer team, a Middle School and an Elementary School team.

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